'American Horror Story' Alum James Cromwell Arrested At Power Plant Protest In New York

"American Horror Story" alum James Cromwell, along with five other protesters, was arrested at an upstate New York power plant that is under construction.
The 75-year-old actor, who played Dr. Arthur Arden in season 2 of the FX horror anthology series ("Asylum"), was arrested on Friday morning, Dec. 18, after leading a chant among a group of protesters in the entrance to the Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) power plant construction site, Time Herald-Record reported.
Warwick resident Cromwell, together with 30 or so picketers, were reportedly shouting, "Power to the people!"
Later in the protest, Cromwell and two other protesters, Pramilla Malick and Maddie Shaw, were taken into police custody in handcuffs after declining a state police trooper's direction to move from the entrance. The three had put an interlocking device around their necks connecting them to each other. A trooper used a large bolt cutter in order to remove it.
Protesters Naomi Miller, Maureen Murphy-Smolka and Terri Klemm were also arrested after refusing a direction from the police to leave the entrance.
The six were issued tickets for disorderly conduct and were later released. They're ordered to appear in court on Jan. 4.
The Associated Press reported the protesters believe that toxins from the plant can be dangerous to the health of nearby residents and may lower the value of residential properties in the area.
Following his arrest, Cromwell -- who was nominated for an Academy Award for best supporting actor for his performance in the 1995 comedy-drama film "Babe" sent the following statement to People: "People have a right to live without fear that their communities will be polluted, poisoned and destroyed by an industry that puts its lust for profit ahead of the well being of everyone and ultimately threatens the survival of all life on earth."
Time Herald-Record reached out to Steve Remillard, CPV vice president for development, for comments, but a call to him was not returned.
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